As 2023 comes to a close, Cresswood celebrates a year of remarkable success and transformative achievements for our world class industrial grinder and shredder company. Our dedication to excellence and innovation symbolizes our commitment to cutting-edge solutions. We made critical investments that have bolstered our capacities for sustained growth. A focus on safety and efficiency and making strategic hires in key departments has enhanced our expertise and has been an integral part of surpassing $10 million in sales this year. As we enter a new year, Cresswood stands ready for continued success, grateful for the journey, and eager for future opportunities.


Looking Back at Cresswood’s Successes in 2023

Facelift for Cresswood Buildings

Cresswood enhanced its visual identity with upgrades, including the painting of both buildings on the campus. The tan building, featuring the Cresswood logo, was unified with the blue-grey building, eliminating vestiges of the past when the organization operated as a job shop under the name Dun-Rite Tool and Machinery. Although Dun-Rite remains the parent company, the new color scheme and signage aim to eliminate confusion among visitors and new employees. This transformation signifies Cresswood’s evolution into a modern, cutting-edge company, presenting a unified front and reinforcing the message of a cohesive, world-class team dedicated to producing American-made recycling equipment.

New Equipment Enhancing Efficiency and Capacity

Cresswood has strategically invested in the enhancement of its Fabrication shop by introducing new overhead cranes and three state-of-the-art Miller Deltaweld units. Recognized as crucial investments, these additions significantly strengthen the company’s capacities and capabilities within core fabrication processes. This strategic move positions Cresswood for sustained growth within the paper, plastic, pallet, and wood waste recycling shredders industry, providing a solid foundation for continued advancement in the future.

Continuous Improvement 5S Project for the Conveyor Fabrication Work Area

The Continuous Improvement 5S Project targeted enhancements in our conveyor fabrication work area. The goal was to establish improved organization, visual management, product staging, and material flow. This was particularly crucial during the fabrication process of both used machine shredders acquired through trade-ins and the production of brand-new, world-class industrial shredders and grinders. A cross-functional team of 5 employees worked with a facilitator from IMEC to improve safety, decrease search time by organizing tools and storage areas, and open 40% more production floor space.

New Haas VF-4 Machining Center

New Haas VF-4 Machining Center is enhancing the quality, efficiency, and delivery for manufacturing our tooling and parts that support new machines, as well as the over 1,000 existing machines currently operating in the field.

New Additions to the Application Sales Team

Max Fadin, with over 24 years of sales experience in the Plastics, Scrap, and Recycling Industries, has joined Cresswood’s sales team as our Northern Territory Sales Manager. His extensive background equips him to meet customer needs in paper, plastic, and wood recycling shredders. Having served as a successful Regional Sales Manager in the size reduction industry, Max brings a calm and professional approach to his role. His passion for solving recycling challenges aligns well with Cresswood’s market identity, making him a valuable addition to the sales team focused on American-made industrial shredders and world-class industrial grinders.

Aaron Hansen has joined Cresswood as our Southern Territory Sales Manager, bringing over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. His extensive background includes 16 years with two major gear motor manufacturers, where he held positions in engineering, operations, marketing, and sales. With broad exposure across various business functions, Hansen possesses a keen eye for process and operational excellence. His expertise makes him a valuable addition to Cresswood’s American-made industrial shredder and grinder sales team.

Two New Hires Add Talent to our Fabrication Team

Connor O’Donnell and Jarod Swanson joined Cresswood’s Fabrication team this year. Connor came from the Kishwaukee CC welding program and is beginning his fabrication career at Cresswood, learning from true masters at their craft. Jarod brings a wealth of experience to the department and has made a significant positive impact from day one with his talent and stellar work ethic.

Field Service New Hire Strengthens a Critical Department

Tony Morales joined the Field Service team this year. Standing behind the equipment we manufacture is the cornerstone of Cresswood’s reputation in the woodworking, pallet, plastics, and paper industries. Tony brings both talent and youth to the department and gives us more capacity in super-critical roles for the company.

New Hire for Operation Coordinator

Derrick Wells is joining the Cresswood family as an Operation Coordinator. This is a key piece in our succession planning for the future of Cresswood. Derrick will be working to learn the ropes from our existing department supervisors and will focus his talents on improving safety, efficiency, and quality in all our production processes.

Surpassed $10m in Sales in 2023

Achieving sales surpassing $10 million in 2023 marks a significant milestone for Cresswood, representing a high-water mark in our world class industrial grinder company’s history. This financial achievement serves as compelling evidence of Cresswood’s steadfast commitment to service excellence in the woodworking, pallet, plastics, and paper industries. The milestone demonstrates the company’s robust market presence and underscores its ability to meet and exceed clients’ needs in diverse industrial sectors.

New Test and Demonstration Center

Featuring a film rotor setup with maximum horsepower, allowing efficient product testing for wood, pallet, rigid and film plastics, as well as paper products. This allows us to replicate how our world class industrial grinders will handle potential customers’ actual scrap, eliminating the guesswork in the sales process, and a significant part in improving our lead-to-sales conversion rate.

Networking at New Shows Signals Industry Commitment and Growth Strategy

Participating in the Pack Expo, PPRC, and WMS, we are dedicated to intensifying our brand visibility in industries that align with our expertise—a pivotal element of our overarching growth strategy.

A new dealer was brought on with J&G Machinery based in North Carolina, expanding our presence in the woodworking industry.

Continued partnership with DCCG – Expanded community garden donated over 100 lbs. of fresh organic produce for the food insecure right in our community. Also sponsored their annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Participated in another Feed My Starving Children pack event like we do every year. Our event packed enough nutritious meals to feed well over 200 children for a year!

For our latest innovation, we launched a line of sound enclosures for the EF line of grinders – enhancing safety and the quality of the work environments where our grinders are used.


Cresswood looks back on 2023 with pride on a year defined by extraordinary success and transformative milestones for our world class industrial grinder company. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has become a beacon, symbolizing our dedication to cutting-edge solutions. Through strategic investments that fortified our capacities, a steadfast focus on safety and efficiency, and the addition of key talents to crucial departments, we have not only surpassed the significant milestone of $10 million in sales but also elevated our expertise. We look forward to embarking on 2024 with renewed energy for what’s to come as we continue to design and manufacture world-class industrial grinders for the paper, plastic, pallet, and wood industries that reduce waste and improve our planet. Contact us if you are looking for world-class industrial grinders and shredders for the paper, plastic, pallet, and wood industries that reduce waste and improve our planet.