As an American made industrial shredder and grinder company, Cresswood takes pride in continuing to upgrade its campus as we focus on the growth and future of our company. We’re enhancing our facilities, unifying our brand identity, and optimizing operations to pave the way for a brighter future. New and optimized facilities provide employees with a better work environment, increasing job satisfaction and morale. In addition, cutting-edge equipment and machinery can significantly reduce downtime and production bottlenecks, allowing for quicker turnaround times and the ability to meet growing customer demands.

upgrading-and-gearing-up-for-a-bright-future-paper-recycling-shredders-2Brand Clarity and Unity: Transforming Our Campus Appearance

As part of our planned upgrades, Cresswood will be painting both buildings on our campus – one which is blue-grey and the other tan. The tan building has the Cresswood logo, and the old blue fabrication building still had the Dun-Rite Tool and Machinery signage on the front wall. Although Dun-Rite remains the parent company name, it is a vestige of a past where the organization ran as a job shop, not a world-class producer of American-made recycling equipment. Visitors and new employees were often confused by this and left to wonder if these were owned by the same organization. The new color scheme and signage will send a message that we are a modern, cutting-edge company, and one unified team.


Enhancing Efficiency and Capacity: Upgrading Overhead Cranes for Seamless Operations

Another way we are optimizing our world class industrial grinders facilities is by upgrading our overhead cranes on the east side of the fabrication shop. Prior to the upgrade, there was only one overhead crane for the three fabricators to share. This led to operators having to wait for the crane to be able to move parts and materials, something that limited the utilization and efficiency of our operations there. We will be replacing the old existing crane and installing a second crane as well. This will allow us to continue to grow, improve efficiency, and drive down the lead times for our equipment and parts. Since the installation of the second mill in our machine shop earlier this year, the bottleneck in our operations has been our ability to fabricate fast enough to feed that department. The crane upgrade will go a long way to help balance the flow of products and improve overall efficiency and operator utilization.


At Cresswood Shredding Machinery, we are committed to recycling for a better world and continuous improvement. We design and manufacture world class grinders to help our customers achieve their zero waste initiatives. We also understand that purchasing capital equipment is a big decision, and we have smart investment solutions designed to maximize your cash flow. If you are looking for American made industrial shredders built to last, contact us today.