EF30-75LR Wood Recycling Grinder with Sound Reduction Enclosure – Havco Wood Products, Scott City, MO

Havco Wood Products is a multi-site manufacturing company with over 40 Years of serving the Trucking Industry.


In 1978, Havco® began operations with one goal: Manufacture the finest oak laminated flooring for trailers, truck bodies, and containers. Today, Havco is the largest manufacturer of trailer flooring in the US and a true leader in the industry, providing cost-saving solutions that keep trucks running. As one of the nation’s largest wood products manufacturers, Havco processes millions of board feet of red oak lumber to produce all of their kiln-dried stock from raw material (green wood). At Cresswood, we are proud to have Havco as one of our customers utilizing our wood waste recycling shredders and grinders to run an efficient, waste-conscious manufacturing business.

At each of their two facilities, they have 3-4 months of WIP on hand at various stages of production. Each stage of this material curing process has been carefully engineered to allow the material to dry and be suitable for final processing. Before the rough-sawn lumber can actually enter the manufacturing process, it must be cured and dried in large kilns that heat up the wood to drive out the moisture content. This is a highly energy-intensive operation and would be incredibly expensive and environmentally irresponsible to do so using fossil fuels. Havco’s solution to this challenge is to use wood waste recycling shredders to utilize the waste wood product from its manufacturing processes as fuel for its kilns. What a tremendous example of smart business and responsible stewardship of raw materials, not to mention a huge benefit to their bottom-line profits.



In order for the waste wood to be suitable for fuel, it must first be ground up into a small, uniform chip for the kiln burners. This is where Cresswood has forged a partnership with Havco by helping them improve upon their grinding operations with dependable wood recycling equipment along with excellent parts and service.

The EF30-75LR with Sound Reduction Enclosure was ordered for their Scott City, MO plant and will be delivered in June. The wood recycling grinder will be placed in a busy production area where people will be in close proximity, and we wanted to create a safe environment for the employees. For this reason, we introduced an innovative Sound Reduction Enclosure for our horizontal line of world class industrial grinders. These high-quality modular steel enclosures are easy to assemble and made right here in the USA. They come in a durable powder-coated finish. The inside of the steel panels is lined with a heavy layer of acoustic foam that provides up to 15% reduction in db levels around the grinder while it is in operation. This is a good example of our relentless pursuit of the highest customer satisfaction with our products, while also reflecting our core values of caring for people.