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Cresswood’s EXR-2000

Cresswood’s largest horizontal grinder makes pallet recycling look easy!  This extraordinarily robust system combines an adaptive counterweight feedroll with a massive 20” rotor to easily grind large volumes of pallet and wood scrap into valuable wood fiber, with output capabilities up to 12,000 lbs/hr.  Combine this beast with an outfeed conveyor and crossbelt magnetic separator and create a total system solution that eliminates painful landfill expenses and increases your profitability.

Vertical Shredding Pallets & Rippings

Vertical hopper-fed shredding of pallets and pallet scrap with a Cresswood grinder provides versatility, dependability, and ease of operation in managing your wood scrap.  Cresswood offers a wide range of screen and cutterhead configurations for output chip characteristics that meet your specifications.

Seeing is Believing!

A visual demonstration of the dump-&-go capabilities of Cresswood’s hopper-fed grinders.  Efficient elimination of stacks of reject pallets.  Having the power and versatility of a centralized grinder for full stacks of reject pallets saves your operation time and money.  Here, a Cresswood vertical grinder devours a heavy load of pallets, easily shredding them into uniform chips in under a minute.

Cresswood’s XR-2400 Wood Grinders

With available 250-HP drive motor and a monster 24” rotor, Cresswood’s XR-Class is the perfect choice of low-rpm single shaft technology capable of tackling your biggest output goals.  As demonstrated in this video, these machines don’t back down from a challenge when it comes to shredding pallet and wood waste!

Visual Demonstration of Cross-Belt Magnetic Separation

99.9% of all metal fragments are removed from recycled pallet output with our efficient cross-belt technology, creating a clean and desirable wood by-product that can be sold as mulch, animal bedding, bio-fuel, or composite filler for engineered wood.  The nails are collected to the side of the conveyor, creating an additional revenue stream for their value as scrap steel.

Introduction to Cresswood’s EF and HF Series Grinders for Pallet Recycling

Cresswood makes the perfect wood waste grinder for every application.  An introduction to the two main design categories for Cresswood’s grinder offerings.  Visual demonstration of the advantages of both horizontal EF as well as vertical HF grinders.


Total System Solutions for Plastic Recycling

We helped this customer achieve their zero-waste initiative!  Watch as large blister-pack rolls left over from their production process are transformed into a fine and uniform powder they sell as valuable feedstock plastic.  An incline conveyor safely transports the waste material into a Cresswood hopper-fed shredder where it is quickly ground into an even piece size.  An air system effortlessly transfers the output from the pre-shredder into a granulator to complete the material transformation into a valuable by-product and long-term revenue stream.

Cresswood Shredder Recycling Automotive Part Rejects

A demonstration of the power and efficiency of Cresswood’s destroyer head in recycling reject plastic dashboards.  These bulky injection-molded parts are easily reduced to uniform pieces in seconds in Cresswood’s hopper-fed pre-shredder.

Ideal Solution for Recycling Difficult Part Geometries

50-gallon plastic barrels pose no problem for Cresswood’s machine!  Rows of ram grippers hold the barrel fast, allowing the powerful ram to present difficult shapes to the hungry v-rotor cutter head without rolling and slippage.  This means more ground product with every stroke of the ram, maximizing your run-time output and providing a substantial energy savings that lowers your carbon footprint too!

HF Shredder and Loader Demonstration

We partnered with this customer to provide a perfect solution for safe, hands-free loading of bulky plastic rejects.  Safe and efficient presentation of material to the pre-shredder is often a critical consideration in creating a complete plastic recycling system.  Here, we’ve combined an automated loader with a Cresswood hopper-fed pre-shredder.  Watch as it easily handles the material transfer of bulky parts into the cutting chamber, allowing employees to stay safe and focus on value-added activity!

Plastic Recycling System Demonstration

Large sheets of plastic waste are transformed back into feedstock flakes with Cresswood’s total recycling solution. Another zero-waste initiative success story for a happy Cresswood customer. Pre-shredding post-consumer waste plastic is made easy with a vertical Cresswood machine. Customizable hopper and screen perforations provide complete versatility and easy clean-outs, with fluid clutch and proximity sensors to protect the drivetrain from hard stop incidents.

Dropping in large, heavy purges is no problem for Cresswood’s heavy-duty fully machined ram, groove floorplate, and v-rotor cutterhead.

Cresswood’s Horizontal Equipment, The Ideal Solution for Recycling Lineal Plastic Waste!

Cresswood offers a versatile line of robust horizontal shredders ideal for shredding waste lineal plastics.  Available in cutting widths from 12” to 70”, rotor diameters up to 20”, and drive packages up to 150hp, there’s a Cresswood horizontal for nearly every lineal plastic recycling application.  Here, a Cresswood EF24-40 demonstrates the adaptive counterweight infeed system, efficiently delivering lineal material to the cutterhead for outstanding output characteristics.  Powerful grippers keep the material safely in the chute while the counterweight system allows the machine to adapt to a wide range of material presentation heights, a huge advantage over a pinch-roll design, and substantially easier and less expensive to maintain.  Sound-deadening chute liner and machine enclosures are available for applications that require a low decibel threshold.

Linear Plastic Recycling in Cresswood EF-12 Shredder

Here, a Cresswood EF-12 demonstrates Cresswood’s low maintenance infeed system, constantly delivering lineal plastic sheets to the cutterhead for outstanding output characteristics.  The EF-12 is big-time performance in a small package, and can be coupled with whatever vibratory chute length you need.  It’s the perfect solution for linear material in widths up to 10” and thicknesses up to 3/8”.  Sound-deadening chute liners and machine enclosures are available for shop applications that require a low decibel threshold.


Cresswood Hopper-fed Grinder for Wood Waste

Visual introduction to Cresswood’s HF-series grinders for wood waste.  Heavy-duty industrial steel frame and fully machined ram and floorplate put Cresswood in a class by itself.  Cresswood’s HF series is an excellent value, built to last for years of continuous duty in the toughest applications:  full pallets, large blocks, and bulky cants are no problem for Cresswood’s destroyer cutterhead!  Customizable hoppers allow for safe and easy loading by conveyor or fork truck, creating clean and uniform end product.  Cresswood will also help you create a complete system; we fabricate our own conveyors in-house with metal separation and truck loadout systems if desired.

Introduction to Cresswood EF-series Grinder

Cresswood’s versatile and robust line of horizontal grinders offer superior solutions for years of trouble-free wood waste recycling.  A perfect companion for zone grinding wood waste at the source.  Pairing one with your CNC equipment creates an instant labor savings and improves overall productivity and material flow.  Available in cutting widths from 12” to 70”, with customizable length vibratory conveyors, cutterhead, and screen configurations, Cresswood has the right machine for nearly any wood waste application.  Metal detection can easily be integrated into the vibratory conveyor to immediately shut down and protect the machine from tramp material.  Cresswood’s adaptive counterweight feed-roller gives you maximum versatility to grind a mix of blocks and rippings, without the high upkeep and maintenance costs of a pinch-roll feed system.

Cresswood’s EF-60 Creates Hands-Free Wood Waste Recycling for Flooring Manufacturer

Watch as Cresswood’s horizontal easily tackles a heavy mix of end-cuts and rippings.  Waste material from the manufacturing process is automatically vectored into vibratory conveyors from saws and ground into a uniform product.  This ground wood waste can then be carried away by conveyor or air system to a centralized collection unit.  No more manual material handling of daily wood waste means greater productivity and less manual labor requirements for your operations.  The transformed wood fiber is now a valued by-product to be sold as mulch, animal bedding, composite filler, or bio-fuel.

Wood Waste Grinding Using Cresswood’s HF-Series Destroyer

Visual solidworks demonstration of Cresswood’s hopper-feed technology for centralized grinding of wood waste.  Cutterhead and stationary anvils create a rotary shear capable of handling large volumes of scrap.  A fully machined ram and floorplate guarantee the best service life and years of continuous performance.  Your choice of screen perforation and discharge configuration complete this wood waste recycling system.

Cresswood EF-36 in Flooring Mill Application

Visual demonstration of how Cresswood’s EF-series grinders create hands-free wood waste disposal in-line with automated systems.  Hardwood end cuts from production processes are automatically vectored into the Cresswood grinder to eliminate the headache of material handling wood waste.  Ground end-product is carried away via air to a centralized collection unit to be sold as mulch, animal bedding, bio-fuel, or filler for composites.

Demonstration of Cresswood EF-24 Destroyer

Adaptive counterweight feed roller and aggressive destroyer cutter head, industrial-duty capabilities make this a perfect solution for grinding a mix of wood waste blocks and trimmings.  Cresswood’s heavy-duty vibratory feed system automatically vectors long rippings away from a sawing operation where it is ground into a uniform chip and valuable by-product.  Large blocks and end cuts are no problem!  Watch as the counterweight feed roller adapts to variations of in-fed material geometries for consistently high output characteristics.  Wide range of screen perforations in 180-degree wrap guarantee 33% more output than competitor’s 120-degree design, in chip sizes that meet end-user requirements.

Introduction to Cresswood’s EF-12

Industrial-duty dependability, quality, and performance in a small package, the Cresswood EF-12 is the perfect solution for wood shops generating wood waste.  With output ranging from 400-1,300 lbs hour depending on material type, the ef12 is capable of grinding a mix of blocks and trimmings.  Your choice of vibratory conveyor length allow scrap material to be automatically vectored into the adaptive counterweight feed roller.  Your choice of screen perforation creates a uniform output that meets end-user specifications and can be sold as mulch, animal bedding, bio-fuel, or filler for composites.  Output is typically accomplished via a simple air system discharge.

Centralized Grinder for Large Reject Pieces of Wood Waste

 Cresswood’s HF series of grinders is the ideal solution for vertical loading of large pieces of wood waste.  A true dump-and-go system that allows for loading large volumes of material at once.  Just push a button and walk away and let this dependable machine do the rest!


Cresswood XR-2400 at Work!

Dual purpose machine for paper and plastic recycling!  This customer converts both plastic barrels as well as paper in their versatile Cresswood XR-2400 pre-shredder.  Large plastic barrels are easily reduced to a uniform chip with the massive 24” diameter rotor, and then diverted into a granulator to complete the total recycling system.  Large volumes of paper is efficiently pre-shredded, then diverted into an upstream baling system.  This dependable paper recycling system produces an optimum bale density to maximize productivity and profits, and hydraulic drop-out screens make clean-outs between materials safe and operator friendly.

Cresswood for Paper Shredding

Demonstration of Cresswood’s capabilities in paper recycling and document destruction.  Robust automated dumpers and infeed and outfeed material conveyance solutions available to create total system satisfaction that integrates harmoniously and optimizes your baling equipment.

Cresswood Experience in Paper Recycling

Scott Denis, owner of Rapid Shred, offers his insight into why Cresswood is his recommendation for pre-shredders in paper recycling.  Scott explains why Cresswood is the best performance and value out there in low-rpm single-shaft industrial pre-shredders, with the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Cresswood Pre-Shredders for Paper and Paper Cores

Demonstration of total solution for paper recycling.  An automated tipper for safe and efficient in-feeding Cresswood pre-shredder and conveyance to the integrated baling system completes this total paper recycling solution.  Thick and rigid paper cores present no problems to the Cresswood horizontal pre-shredder!  Watch as the adaptive counterweight feed roller adjusts perfectly to the material height, constantly presenting the material to the cutterhead for highest output characteristics.  Large rolls and full gay lords of waste material can be dumped into the Cresswood hopper-feed system for true dump-and-go paper recycling.

Paper Recycling and Core Processing in Action

Visual demonstration of how Cresswood creates a total recycling solution for its customers.  Customized enclosed hopper with integrated dust control features keeps the shop clean while making fork truck loading of heavy cores a breeze.  Examples of infeed systems to automate the conveyance of paper scrap to the pre-shredder.


The Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO)

(LOTO) procedure is the most important part of any maintenance task!  Failure to follow proper LOTO procedure is the cause of hundreds of needless work-related injuries and deaths every year.  Our senior service tech walks you through the process of neutralizing the energy source so that the Cresswood Industrial Grinder can be worked on safely. 

Screen Installation – Best Practices 

In this short video, Bill provides clear step-by-step tutorial on the safe and accurate positioning and installation of screens.  Demonstration is done on a Cresswood HF40 for a paper application.  Two (2) modular 20” segments combine to cover the entire length of the V-Rotor cutterhead to maintain consistent output size.  Operator-friendly mounting design and slick technique from a Cresswood pro allow one operator to easily accomplish this maintenance task in minutes. 

V-Rotor Holder Replacement

One of the most critical maintenance tasks in keeping your Cresswood Industrial Grinder operating at peak performance is proper identification and replacement of damaged tool holders.  This video is specific to the V-Rotor cutterhead design.  Bill walks you through the proper process to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.  Necessary tools, Preparation, and weld technique are all covered, along with tech tips from a senior field service pro. 

Proper Setting of Ram Guides on Cresswood HF-Series grinder 

A critical maintenance task that will prevent premature wear of the moving ram and floorplate.  Bill explains the purpose of the ram guides and walks you through an easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial on setting the guides to factory-new condition.   

Changing the Anvils

This tutorial covers how to properly rotate or install anvils, a critical component of maintaining high output on your Cresswood Industrial Grinder. The demo is done on an HF machine with a Destroyer head, and the standard technique can be applied to other HF series and EF series grinders as well. EVERNEW technology and cost-effective modular tooling segments can be seen in this video, where Bill gives you tips and tricks from a seasoned service pro. A second operator is necessary to complete this service task.

Changing or Rotating Inserts

One of the primary and most important machine PM’s is timely rotation and/or replacement of cutting teeth or inserts. Bill describes the tools you need and how to know when your inserts need to be changed. The tutorial walks you through the safe and proper technique to do this task quickly and accurately and get the most service life from your tooling. Maintaining sharp cutting teeth keeps your machine producing at peak performance and also eliminates excessive heat and friction in the grinding process.