For over 35 years, we’ve been committed to doing one thing exceptionally well – designing and manufacturing the world’s most robust shredders and grinders. Our focus has always been on the single shaft, low-rpm design. We believe our single shaft solution is best suited for a wide range of applications, and delivers maximum performance, reliability, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Since day one, we’ve been focused on continuously improving our single shaft shredders and grinders. There’s a reason they’re called The Destroyer. They’re engineered to tear through any recycling, scrap recovery, secure destruction, biomass or material process application.

Additionally, Cresswood shredders and grinders are designed and built for years of trouble-free operation and application specific flexibility. Cutting head geometries and indexable cutting teeth can be customized to maximize throughput for pallets, wood scrap, paper, plastic, document destruction and mixed-source materials down to ultra-uniform particle sizes.


Our investment in research and development and precision manufacturing has allowed us to continually improve our product year after year. Advancements such as Cresswood’s Ever-New technology have been developed with maintenance operators in mind. Our single-shaft, low RPM Destroyer series grinders have been engineered to take durability and renewability to the next level. By identifying critical wear points experienced with extreme grinding applications, customers can replace wear components and perform rebuilds quickly and easily. Our Ever-New innovations pay dividends with benefits such as extended longevity, reduced downtime and low total cost of ownership.