Cresswood is an industry leader with over thirty years’ experience helping companies achieve innovative grinding solutions for waste materials.  We are a family-owned, Midwestern company committed to recycling for a better world by designing, building, and servicing industrial shredders for wood, pallets, plastics, and paper waste applications nationwide.  For 50+ years, Waste Expo has provided the industry with connections, opportunities, technology, and the most comprehensive education program in the waste industry.  Cresswood feels that Waste Expo will be an ideal showcase for our products and services that are sure to fit the needs of many of the attendees of the show who are looking at waste recycling solutions.

Cresswood’s XR-Series industrial grinders provide the most flexible range of quality hopper-fed shredding solutions for a wide range of material types and sizes, throughputs, and output particle characteristics. From the awe-inspiring XR2400 class with 200HP drive and 24″ diameter rotor for heavy load and thruput requirements, to the robust and reliable XR400 with 16″ diameter rotor and 2.5 cubic yard capacity hopper. Every XR-Series model is available in your choice of Destroyer cutterhead for wood or V-Rotor cutterhead for paper and plastics applications. All with top-notch service pros and a huge selection of quality Cresswood tooling and screens to meet all your specific application requirements.

Experience the best in waste recycling.