This robust made-in-the-USA horizontal grinder has a large, aggressive 16″ rotor that’s engineered to handle the toughest lineal plastics applications. Watch as planks of 1-1/2″ thick HDPE are fed via a vibratory conveyor into Cresswood’s exclusive counterweight feed roll system, the most versatile, effective, and lowest cost of ownership design on the market today.

The hungry 16″ rotor certainly makes short work of this notoriously stubborn material! The stream of uniform output is quickly augured onto our custom fabricated incline belt conveyor with metal separation. The magnetic pulley head is mounted at the discharge end of the conveyor, ensuring that 99.9% of all metal contamination is removed from the end product prior to it being deposited into the hammermill, a critical feature that keeps your system safe and protects your investment from expensive repairs.

Linear Plastics Test Grind from Cresswood Shredding on Vimeo.

This HD Prater hammermill then efficiently reduces the stream of ground plastic chips into small, extremely uniform pellets that are ideal for re-introduction as raw material feedstock in the customer’s plastic injection/extrusion processes. The customer will also integrate a fines collector at installation so that 100% of the waste plastic is recycled – ZERO WASTE SUCCESS!

Easy access covers and removable screens on the Cresswood EF30-75 allow for quick and safe cleanouts to changeover to new colors or material types, something that the operations and maintenance team will appreciate and best yet, increases your bottom-line profitability.