NWPCA 2024 Annual Leadership Conference (ALC)

The NWPCA 2024 Annual Leadership Conference (ALC) made waves as it convened at the prestigious Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, under the resounding theme of “Elevate. Empower. Engage.” Drawing nearly 800 luminaries from the American pallet industry, alongside delegates hailing from various corners of the globe, this event served as a beacon of collaboration and innovation.


Cresswood’s Booth at the Conference

Amidst an impressive lineup of powerhouse speakers, attendees were treated to insights aimed at fortifying business acumen and leadership prowess. As the foremost gathering within the pallet industry in the United States, the ALC provided an unparalleled platform for networking and knowledge exchange, offering Cresswood and other industry pioneers the opportunity to glean valuable insights into technical advancements and automation showcased by fellow exhibitors.

Navigating the challenges that have characterized the past year for the pallet industry—ranging from bloated inventories to shrinking margins, exacerbated by a challenging labor market and soft demand—underscored the importance of collective engagement during turbulent times. The conference emerged as a vital nexus for industry players to converge, sharing best practices and strategies for resilience in the face of economic adversity.


Golf Tournament Hole Sponsor at Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort

A standout moment of camaraderie and celebration was the exhilarating golf tournament held at the iconic TPC Sawgrass course—an event that underscored unity and partnership within the industry. Cresswood proudly demonstrated its commitment to the NWPCA and its members by sponsoring a hole, symbolizing a shared dedication to advancing the pallet industry’s interests.

As industry leaders seek innovative solutions to bolster efficiency and sustainability, the demand for American-made industrial shredders, including pallet recycling shredders, continues to soar. Cresswood stands at the forefront, offering world-class industrial shredders designed to meet the evolving needs of the pallet recycling industry, ensuring both environmental stewardship and operational excellence.


TPC Sawgrass Course