In reflection of the incredible journey we’ve had at Cresswood, gratitude fills our hearts for the exceptional team that forms the core of our success at our American made industrial shredders and grinders company. Their dedication to service, both to one another and our valued customers, is the beating heart of our organization. Through initiatives like Cresswood Cares, we extend our commitment to giving back to our team, community, and customers, exemplified by events such as our annual Turkey Fry Luncheon.

Giving Thanks for Our Team at our Annual Cresswood Turkey Fry Luncheon

cresswood-turkey-fry-luncheon-2023-paper-recycling-shredders-2This year’s Turkey Fry Luncheon held a special significance as we welcomed new team members into our Cresswood family. Eight employees experienced the warmth and camaraderie of this cherished tradition for the first time, reinforcing the importance of integrating fresh talent into our established family.

Our commitment to giving back extended beyond our office walls. Leftovers from our luncheon found a meaningful destination at Hope Haven in Dekalb, IL, contributing to a pre-Thanksgiving meal for individuals and families in need. The joy of sharing with our community echoes the spirit of gratitude that defines Cresswood.


Cresswood’s Founder Roasts up Gratitude with Barb City Roasters Coffee


cresswood-barb-city-coffee-roasters-paper-recycling-shredders-3Furthering our commitment to philanthropy, Cresswood’s Founder, Jack Cress, has extended the spirit of giving through Barb City Roasters. This coffee venture, founded with a mission of kindness and generosity, not only brings people together globally but also supports charitable causes. By distributing our specially brewed coffee to new customers, reps, vendors, and even at trade shows, we spark conversations and spread the warmth of our appreciation. The proceeds from Cresswood’s coffee sales contribute to local charities, underscoring our dedication to making a positive impact.


Paving the Path for Cresswood’s Enduring Growth and Ongoing Philanthropy

As we celebrate 60 years in business and look toward the future, we are proud of our continued growth and the remarkable achievements of the past year. Record-breaking revenue marks and strategic additions to our sales and field service teams position us for further success. We believe that exceptional service is the cornerstone of our success, and with an outstanding field service team and continued investments in our infrastructure, we are poised for an exciting and prosperous future. The recent acquisitions of cutting-edge machinery and enhancements to our facilities are tangible expressions of our dedication to continued growth and excellence.

The journey of Cresswood is a testament to the power of gratitude, commitment, and the collective spirit of our team. As we pave the path for enduring growth and ongoing philanthropy, we express our heartfelt thanks to all who have been part of our incredible journey. Here’s to the past, present, and future of Cresswood, where the spirit of giving and gratitude continues to define our legacy.