In a jubilant gathering that resonated with six decades of success, the Cresswood Shredding Machinery family recently came together to commemorate the remarkable milestone of 60 years in business. The celebration unfolded as a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to excellence, innovation, and the journey that began with Ron Cress’s vision in 1963. Employees, spanning generations, joined current owner Jack Cress in honoring the company’s rich history and accomplishments. Amidst shared stories and laughter, the event reflected the collaborative spirit that has fueled Cresswood’s growth. As the team reveled in the achievements of the past, they also looked forward with enthusiasm, anticipating continued success in providing cutting-edge industrial shredders and grinders for the next chapter of the company’s storied legacy. The celebration not only marked the passage of time but also celebrated the resilience and dedication that have made Cresswood Shredding Machinery a thriving force in the industry.


It all started back in 1963 when Jack Cress’s father Ron incorporated Dun-Rite Tool and Machine Company here in Cortland, Illinois. Although Dun-Rite remains the parent name of the Cresswood organization, back then it was the only company, which was created as a small fabrication job shop. Ron’s company helped make prototypes for other regional manufacturers, as well as taking bids for metal fabrication jobs. Over these early years, Dun-Rite worked jobs for companies like Barber Greene and Caterpillar, earning a reputation for fabrication excellence. As the company grew and evolved, Ron began making a line of wood-burning stoves and then boiler/combustion systems around 1978. Ron’s son Jack joined the company in 1978 after working as a photographer in the Houston area.


In 1989, Ronald and current owner Jack Cress uncovered a need for more reliable industrial low-speed single-shaft grinders and shredders in the recycling industry; which inspired the formulation of Cresswood Recycling Equipment (currently known as Cresswood Shredding Machinery). One of the most interesting bits of history is how Cresswood began making grinders. One of Dun-Rite’s customers at the time was Cavaniss, a manufacturer of wooden canoe paddles. The owner of Cavaniss wanted to use his wood waste to run a boiler to heat their operations and engaged with Dun-Rite on the combustion system. Jack and Ron had purchased a used grinder to produce the wood chips to test the boiler systems. It was constantly breaking down and having to be repaired and one day, the owner of Canvaniss told Jack he should design and fabricate his own grinder because he could improve on what he was dealing with and eliminate all the maintenance frustrations. That suggestion was the spark of innovation that launched the premier OEM for single-shaft grinders in the USA today.


Fast forward to today, Cresswood manufactures the world’s most robust and reliable American made industrial shredders and grinders for size reduction and recycling of plastic, wood, and paper. Engineered for durability and custom manufactured for your specific application requirements, our expert team delivers decades of experience to tackle any processing challenge. Our world class industrial grinder company just had a record year in 2023, and we look forward to embarking on our 61st year with continued innovation in the manufacturing of shredders and grinders that help our customers achieve their zero-waste initiatives.

Cresswood is a family-owned, midwestern company with in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities. Our engineered-to-order solutions guarantee that you get exactly what you want, built with Cresswood quality and the shortest lead times. If you are looking to unleash the power of innovative engineering and precision manufacturing with a Cresswood industrial shredder and grinder, contact us today.