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Total Plastic Recycling Solution

We know that the total success of your in-line system depends on your pre-shredder presenting a homogenous and consistent material flow to your secondary processes.

  • In-house design and manufacturing of customized solutions guarantees you get exactly what you want, built with Cresswood quality and the shortest lead times.
  • Heavy-Duty fully machined ram – heaviest in the industry and designed to take the hard impact of top-loading massive purges.
  • Ever-New© technology – Quick changeovers of quality parts and tooling keeps your machine performing in factory-new condition. We make our own tooling and parts and maintain a huge inventory for same-day delivery.
  • Hydraulic drop-down screen operation makes cleanouts safer than an overhead design, and operator-friendly for rapid changeovers between colors or different materials.
  • Modular 180-degree wrap-around screen design – 33% more active screen area than the competition = highest output-to-HP ratio combined with the lowest cost of repair.
  • V-Rotor cutter head – Designed and manufactured for high output and maximum durability, with diameters up to 24” and customizable configurations that satisfy a wide range of plastic shredding applications.
  • Exclusive SHUR-TIGHT™ spring-retention system – protects and maintains gearbox and drivetrain integrity while significantly lowering cost of ownership over time.
  • Rexnord Gearbox – Super-tough, high-torque heart of our powerful drivetrain from the world leader in motion control technology. American-made quality in a fully-machined box.