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Requirements for Plastic Shredders and Grinders

These unique demands for recycling plastics are why our clients demand quality shredders and grinders specially designed for success in their industry.

Requirements include:

  • Safe, quick, and easy cleanouts between colors with hydraulic drop-down screens
  • Modular screens available in a range of perforation sizes to achieve a variety of uniform particle sizes from the same pre-shredder
  • Fully machined ram engineered to withstand the daily punishments of vertical loading massive purgings
  • Predictable, uniform, and uninterrupted material flow to secondary processes
  • Total in-line system success from pre-shredder to material conveyance to granulation
  • Machine protection features that defend your investment from hard-stop incidents
  • Readily available parts, tooling, and service to maximize system uptime and lower cost of operation
  • Industry expertise earned from a long history of winning applications