SRV360 Plastic

The SRV300 and SRV360 make up the family of hopper-fed “Dump and Go” plastic shredders designed to size-reduce mixed plastics for plastic recycling, plastic purgings, and plastic material in a manufacturing application. Adding a single-shaft shredder to your business will increase the output of your granulator by pre-shredding your material into a uniform product size, and will reduce your operating cost by requiring a smaller, lower horsepower, granulator to handle your workload.

Common Applications

Plastic Recycling, Plastic Purgings, Plastic Reclaim


Easy Service Access
V-Rotor Cutterhead Design Yields Maximum Output
Screen Sections for Easy Handling
Replaceable Anvil Supports
Fluid Clutch
Rugged Steel Frame
Ram Track™ Guide System


Motor HP 30, 40, 50
Cutting Chamber 36″ x 45″
Ram Stroke 30″
Rotor Diameter 10″
Grinding Head Speed 50-150 rpm
Frame Thickness 3/4″
Number of Cutter Teeth 42
Shaft Diameter 4″
Mid-Range Hopper Volume 2.5 Cubic Yards
Floor Area of Unit 71″ x 95″
Shipping Weight 5,700 lbs.

* Specifications are subject to change

** The output of these machines can be optimized for your application by selecting different screens, amount of cutter teeth, cutter teeth placement, and rotor selection”