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Our Expertise & Knowledge in the Industry

Cresswood has been a tool & die machine builder for well over half a century, and is the oldest manufacturer of single shaft low-RPM plastic shredders in the United States. Our machines are precision-made and have successfully ground millions of tons of plastics over the last 20 years, including Polypropylene (PP5) and Polystyrene (PS6). In fact, our very first plastic machine is still working hard out in the field. Over the years, we’ve made constant improvements to our industrial plastic shredders by integrating actual feedback from plastics manufacturers and recyclers just like you.

Whether it’s a dump-and-go vertical grinder or a robust horizontal grinder, our sales team can help you pinpoint the right application for your specific plastic recycling requirements; including:

  • Drop-down screens for safe & easy cleaning
  • Material conveyance
  • Meeting stringent output particle size and uniformity requirements
  • Successful pairing with in-line secondary systems
  • Optimizing machine protection features
  • Fully precision-machined ram vs competitor’s suspended ram
  • Grooved floor guards ram against thin material jamming