grilling-and-growing-strengthening-team-connections-at-our-annual-employee-barbeque-pallet recycling shredders

The Importance of Team Connection in Business

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, connecting with team members is paramount to achieving organizational success and maintaining a thriving work environment. At Cresswood, an American made industrial shredder and grinder designer and manufacturer, we know effective team collaboration fosters a sense of unity, shared purpose, and mutual support, which in turn enhances productivity and efficiency. When team members are connected, they can openly communicate ideas, share valuable insights, and collaborate on tasks seamlessly, leading to innovative solutions and creative problem-solving.

Building strong connections among team members helps create a positive work culture where employees feel valued and appreciated. This, in turn, boosts morale, job satisfaction, and overall employee retention. A well-connected team is more likely to be motivated and engaged, driving them to go the extra mile to achieve collective goals and contribute to the company’s overall success.

grilling-and-growing-strengthening-team-connections-at-our-annual-employee-barbeque-used machine shreddersCresswood Team Gathers Annually

Once every year, in July, the whole American made industrial shredder and grinder team at Cresswood gets together on-site outside our facilities in the fenced area to the east of the building to commemorate and connect. We set up a large tent, tables, and chairs for everyone, and we grill gourmet brats and burgers from Reams Meats, a butcher shop in Elburn, IL. This is also an opportunity for us to invite other folks who are not employees but play an active part in Cresswood’s mission, including former employees who have retired.

This year, we had Heather Edwards and Cynthia Butzman representing Dekalb County Community Gardens (DCCG), Tom Sutter from our insurance provider Crum Halsted, and Dick Snow, an accounting consultant we’ve had for many years.

Celebrating Cresswood’s History

We began by celebrating the owner’s 45th year with Cresswood. Jack Cress came to work for his father back in 1978, moving to DeKalb from Houston, TX where he was working as a photographer. Jack represents the second generation of our family-owned business, and he has steered the company through many difficult challenges, including the transition to manufacturing grinders back in 1992. Jack’s greatest legacy is the tremendous culture he has built, an environment where people truly feel respected and cared for, and a place where every employee has the opportunity to learn and grow.

grilling-and-growing-strengthening-team-connections-at-our-annual-employee-barbeque-american made industrial shreddersGiving Back to the Communities We Serve

Heather Edwards spoke on behalf of DCCG and gave our employees a deeper understanding of the services and programs they provide for people in need in our communities. All of the produce from our community garden at Cresswood is donated to DCCG and they distribute it to the food insecure right here where we live and work. Some of the food is delivered to seniors in assisted living, others are brought to different food hubs in neighboring towns. Good healthy food is not available or affordable for many people, and we are so happy to be able to provide people in need with fresh, organic produce like green and yellow beans, sweet and hot peppers, broccoli and cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, and rhubarb.

DCCG also runs the Walnut Grove Vocational Farm, a place where adults with learning disabilities can find meaningful work in their greenhouses. These people are provided with valuable training in horticulture, as they help with composting and growing the seedlings they sell to the public there. Many of these folks go on to work at places like Menards or Lowes, and DCCG advocates for them to get employed and find meaningful jobs where they can utilize the skills they’ve acquired at the vocational farm. All of the seedlings that we plant in the Cresswood community garden are purchased from the Walnut Grove Vocational Farm.

grilling-and-growing-strengthening-team-connections-at-our-annual-employee-barbeque-wood waste recycling shreddersThe Art and Importance of Relationship Building

Ryan spoke to the employees about relationships, and how they are what sets us apart from our competitors. We have built a company on a foundation of genuine relationships, and nearly half of our business comes from repeat customers. They tell us that they wouldn’t think of going to anyone else for their recycling needs because they know they will be treated fairly. They know that we have a customer-centric focus by the way that we always stand behind the equipment we sell and have provided them with excellent service and engineering solutions over the years. Sometimes serving the customer is frustrating and difficult, but this is what it takes to be the best world class American made manufacturer of industrial grinders and shredders. Everyone in the company plays a part in providing the level of service and support we offer, and we can all be proud to work for a company that is the best in the industry.

Cresswood Shredding Machinery is committed to recycling for a better world and continuous improvement. This means continuing to build and grow our team to ensure success for our customers. If you are looking for American made industrial grinders and shredders built to last or maybe you are looking to work for a family-owned business that values teamwork, respect, and a customer-centric relationship-based sales approach, contact us today.