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Peace of Mind in Document Destruction

Cresswood’s industrial paper shredders deliver:

  • Versatility – Cresswood offers a wide range of shredding widths, rotor diameters, screen configurations, and horsepower to meet your specific output needs – from 1,000 lbs. up to 20,000 lbs. of paper per hour.  Hydraulic drop-down screens are available to make clean-outs and maintenance safe and operator friendly.

  • Reliability – Cresswood’s industrial-duty steel frame is the heaviest in its class, bar none.  Our expert craftsmen deliver American-made quality that’s built for years of continuous service under the harshest conditions.

  • Innovation – Every industrial paper shredder we manufacture incorporates decades of paper application knowledge and the feedback from end users in the field.  Cresswood has built a reputation for listening to our paper recycling customers and designing world-class shredding systems that meet their specific needs.  Our V-Rotor cutterhead comes in multiple configurations and is developed exclusively for excellent performance and output characteristics in paper recycling applications.  Cresswood’s exclusive EVER-NEW technology keeps your investment running at its best for years.  This gives you the ability to easily reset your shredder to factory-new condition, even after years of heavy operation that would end the serviceability of other machines.

  • Total Systems Integration – Cresswood knows that just selling great shedders isn’t enough!  That’s why we have developed the deep internal experience and application knowledge to help companies put together superb system solutions; from material conveyance, to dust collection, to cart and gaylord tippers to automate loading processes and eliminate unsafe and inefficient feeding practices.  We’re passionate about capitalizing on the integrity and efficiency of your baling operation!  Our application sales engineers have years of experience servicing the baling industry and know what it takes in a pre-shredder to maximize bale density and the return on your equipment investments.

  • Performance – Cresswood’s powerful heavy-duty drivetrain and V-Rotor easily shreds paper, cardboard, paper cores, banker’s boxes, hard cover books, and large volumes of print waste.  Our 180-degree screen wrap guarantees 33% more output than some of our competitors 120-degree wrap, using the same horsepower and electrical consumption, providing a real advantage that shows up on your bottom line.

  • Environmentally Sound – Reducing carbon footprint is now an important initiative for most of the mainstream business world.  Cresswood is passionate about helping companies achieve their environmental initiatives by recycling for a better world!  We believe this is responsible stewardship of natural resources, good marketing for your brand, and saves you money and increases profitability.  With Cresswood you get the perfect “right-size” application with seamless integration into the rest of your paper recycling system, ensuring you get maximum output per every kilowatt spent.