Cresswood Shredding Machinery actively works with pallet companies across the country, helping them achieve zero-waste initiatives by providing total on-site wood recycling solutions.   We’ve partnered our pallet grinding expertise with Boulware Equipment LLC to provide pallet manufacturers a true turn-key system.  This robust pallet recycling system efficiently transforms an operational pain point into a legitimate revenue stream.  Over the years we realized that just selling grinders isn’t really solving our customer’s entire pallet waste problem.  To better serve our customers we needed to provide a total solution.  This way pallet companies can stop worrying about their wood waste and concentrate 100% of their time and resources on running their business.  

Here our workhorse HF60 100hp hopper-fed pallet grinder is paired with an outfeed conveyor that includes magnetic separation.  This is where 99.9% of all metal contamination is removed from the ground wood waste, a process that makes this end product a valuable commodity on the open market.  The clean wood waste is then distributed into a powerful air system provided by Boulware LLC that vectors the chips into an easy to operate trailer loading system.  

This is where our partnership with Boulware LLC really shines.  Together we have worked hard to establish an extensive network of chip outlets and fleet of trailers, taking the guesswork out of one of the biggest questions our pallet customers have, “so what do I do with the output?”.  Companies like this one in Salt Lake City UT understand the ROI of the recycling system and how it creates a long-term revenue stream for their business.  They love the ability to sign up for this service without having to connect all the dots in the process themselves.  This is a great way for us to provide a truly exceptional customer experience with very little investment on the customer side in engineering, logistics time and resources.