At Cresswood, we realize that just selling great Industrial Grinders isn’t enough!  We know in order to best serve our customers we have to be a company that can provide dependable total recycling solutions.  This progressive customer in Iowa had high volume pallet recycling waste that came from different lines and in different forms.  Some of their waste streams produced whole pallets for grinding, while other waste streams consisted of miscellaneous scrap pieces generated off manual sorting and repair operations.  What they needed was a total system solution that could integrate these different waste streams into an efficient centralized grinding system.  Dust mitigation was also a critical requirement for this world-class manufacturing facility, and they needed to have this integrated directly into their existing centralized air-collection system.  Finally, they required a streamlined transition of the output to a secondary colorizing and bagging line to complete their vision of a true zero-waste recycling process for all of their pallet wood waste.  This installation photo shows this complex vision become a reality, and represents what Cresswood can deliver when you decide to partner with us in creating a total recycling solution.  We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their zero-waste initiatives!