Cresswood knows that just selling world-class industrial recycling equipment isn’t enough, we need to provide our customers with a total solution for their needs.  We are also absolutely passionate about helping companies become better stewards of their raw materials by fulfilling zero-waste initiatives.  Recycled wood waste in particular can be used for a variety of valuable secondary purposes including as landscape mulch, animal bedding, filler for composite materials, and fuel stock for boiler systems.

This is one of our most recent installations at a large lumber manufacturing facility in New Hampshire.  Long, cold winters in the region make them a perfect candidate for using the wood waste they generate as a means of heating their plant.  Here, the Cresswood XR600 is fed via a conveyor over the top of the custom enclosed hopper.  The stream of wood scrap comes straight from their processing saw operations, eliminating the expense and inconvenience of material handling the scrap product.  A sturdy, easy to access loading shelf on the side of the enclosed hopper allows for safe and efficient disposal of full tippers of wood scrap.

All the wood scrap fed into the XR600 is recycled into a consistently sized output thanks to the hungry Destroyer cutterhead, baffled screens, and a powerful 100HP drive motor.  The output is conveyed by an auger to the side of the machine where it is deposited into an air pickup boot below.  From there the wood chips travel via the air system to the storage bin feeding the facilities boiler.

This customer was delighted with the quality and consistency of the recycled wood fuel stock, and said it was ideal for clean and efficient burning.  They all appreciated the warmth on the chilly morning!  They know that we stand behind our equipment and they can rely on the system for years of flawless performance and a continuing return on their investment, especially as natural gas prices increase.