Pallet manufacturers and pallet recyclers are faced with significant waste material challenges. Companies in this industry are paying more for landfill and raw material costs than ever before, and are continually seeking better and smarter ways to recycle pallets.  In many areas of the country the costs associate with dumping and landfilling wood waste has increased well over 300% just over the last five years.

This well-known California pallet company was searching for a reliable on-site pallet recycling solution.  Here you see the Cresswood XR600 Destroyer outfitted with custom enclosed hopper, outfeed conveyor with rain covers and metal separation, and hands-free trailer loadout system.  In rugged applications like this one, the wood grinder must be incredibly durable and long-lasting. With our partnership with Boulware Equipment LLC, Cresswood offers pallet companies a true turn-key recycling system and an immediate zero-waste solution.  We’ve been helping companies across the country address these specific equipment and operational challenges for the past 30 years:

  • Elimination of high tipping & landfill spend
  • Improvement of material flow and increasing valuable facility space
  • Adoption of “Zero-Waste” environmental initiatives
  • Conversion of wood waste into highly desirable by-products that add to the bottom line
  • Industry leading reputation for reliable, long-lasting solutions specifically engineered for pallet recycling